What Every Mom Needs In Her Grocery Cart!

by DudleyLuLuRose in

I'm a total newbie to motherhood so I'm going though a lot of firsts and challenges that I didn't even think about before in my day to day life. Who knew grocery shopping or any kind of shopping could be such a challenging task with a baby...ughh The first time I went to our local grocery store it felt like a marathon. Carrying a heavy carseat when you are still healing from delivery is not fun or recommended, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I was tired of eating junk food and take out. So to the store I went and soon I realized I didn't have much room in my cart for any food. It wasn't my 7lb baby taking up all the room, it was her bulky carseat. It was such a funny seen..I should've snapped a picture for you all. My poor baby was surrounded by food and I was worried things would drop on top of her so I only managed to get very few items. All that work of loading and unloading for nothing...ohhh did I mention the screaming??yes..surprise... Vivian hates being in her carseat. So of course 5 minutes in to it all..I had a crying baby on my hands :((

 I hated going shopping UNTIL I found the greatest invention EVER.. It's a Shopping Cart Hammock by BinxyBABY!! Is that genius or what?! Seriously if you are a mom then you need this in your life. It has made shopping such a joy, FOR THE BOTH OF US. The first time I put Vivian in it..I was stopped by at least a dozen people (mainly moms) asking about it. "where did you get it", "why didn't they have this when I had a little one?" "how cool is that? ohh and look she likes being in it"...

Binxy Baby is portable and easy to attach to any shopping cart!! ohh and You can use the hammock with your carseat too!! Learn more about it by clicking HERE! Vivian was fast asleep mid shopping :)) If you are going to a baby shower do your friend a favor and snag this instead of a baby outfit that probably won't get used at all!! "Make shopping a little more fun..or at least a little more bearable"  BinxyBaby