Baby K'tan

by DudleyLuLuRose in

So Much has changed since my last blog post!! I guess I have been a bit MIA, for good reasons ;) If you follow me on Instagram then you are up to date, if not... then go follow me lol

Vivian Rose made me a Mom on April 22nd! She arrived right on her due date..some say she takes after her Daddy who's always on time, but according to my hubby.."Vivi was three hours late, like her mother, because she was born at 3:06 am"!! 

A lot has changed in my life, as you would expect with a newborn! Motherhood is amazing and amazingly HARD! One of the changes I realized quickly was that I can't just pick up and go as I please. I am not on my  schedule anymore, I am on Vivian's schedule lol That's why I started baby-wearing! I can have Vivi close to me while I get things done around the house or anywhere else. I don't have to carry the carseat in to the grocery store anymore (let's be honest that's a challenge all in itself). I especially like the Baby K'tan carrier because it's super easy to use. Baby K'tan is different than a traditional wrap.Wraps are made of one long piece of fabric while the Baby K'tan has a patented double-loop design. This allows you to wear the K'tan without any wrapping, while still providing the positions and benefits of a wrap! I am wearing the Original Baby K'tan.The Baby K’tan ORIGINAL is made of a 100% natural cotton with unique one-way stretch. The soft fabric will give you and your little a warm and cozy hold. Wear baby in multiple positions, without any wrapping or buckling.

A few other reasons why I chose K'tan are:

- Ergonomic positioning for healthy infant development.
- Evenly distributes weight across back and shoulders.
- Double-loop design slips on like a t-shirt.

If you are a new mom, Dad, or you are looking for a baby shower gift for someone then do yourself a favor and check out these baby carriers. You can choose different designs such as active, organic, Print, or breeze. Click HERE to shop!