Blogging 101!

by DudleyLuLuRose

I am SOOO excited to finally reach 10,000 follower on Instagram.:)))))) YAyyyy... What does this mean? well.. It means my hard work is paying off and there are actually people out there interested to see what I put together next :)))) I know 10K is not that big of a deal, but I feel like I have worked really hard to get to it.  I know..I know a lot of people think.."what's hard about blogging about skirts, dresses, and shoes??" YOU ARE RIGHT!! It's not hard... it just takes time and patience. I started this blog last September (one year anniversary coming up :))) and I never imagined I would keep up with it as much as I have. As many of you know, I have a full time job that consists of driving a lot, so I have to preplan my blog posts in advance. This means most of my weekends are spent taking pictures of myself (lame alert) lol and for those who ask me constantly.. YES, I DO TAKE MY OWN pictures (I will share how I do that in a few min)!! Recently, I have been asked by a few people how I started this blogging thing and how I reached 10,000 followers. Since I am such a giving and super sweet person I am willing to share all my secrets with you ;) ARE YOU READY? HERE WE GO......

1. Be PASSIONATE! Seriously..if you are not passionate about something, then you won't give it 100%. You don't want blogging to become just another boring you? I absolutely love doing this, because I enjoy it..A LOT!! Most importantly, PLEASE don't start a FASHION blog just because it's a popular thing to do. Instead, blog about something you are passionate about. 

2.Be CREATIVE! I may not be the best person to tell you how to be creative. I have the hardest time with being creative myself. I try my best to be different than the other 1000000000000000000 fashion bloggers out there and I don't always succeed. Just try to be yourself and put your own jazz in to it, so YOU CAN STAND OUT!!! When you read a lot of "how to blogs" they are always telling you to be your own person.. and I really didn't know how important that was till I started out. I would post what I thought was popular, but what I didn't realize was that there were thousands of others just like it.. with better pictures. 

3. Do your RESEARCH!   Research different blogging hosts before you choose one. A lot of them have a free trial period, which gives you a chance to play around with their lay outs.  I am not great at figuring out the HTML language and designing a site on my own, so I chose a host with preloaded templates. A lot of bloggers like WordPress, but I found it too complicated and confusing. I currently use Squarespace and I think it's really user friendly. If you have a Tech guru, you may want to give them a call and buy them a few cups of coffee ;)

4. Social Media! I have linked my blog with multiple social media outlets, Facebook, Pinterest, Tweeter, Google plus, and of course Instagram....oh and don't forget SnapChat. I find Instagram to be the most helpful outlet for showcasing your blog. You get to interact with your followers, shops, and other bloggers.

Let's talk Instagram a little more.

Insta 1 : First..sign up for an account! . If you have a personal account, keep it personal. I converted my personal account into Dudleylulurose thinking It's nice to start with an audience.. well..I wish I had started a whole new one instead. A lot of friends ended up unfollowing me because they were tired of my "fashion posts" hahahah I don't blame them. 

Insta 2:  Don't post things just to post something. Quality wins over quantity. Make sure what you post is in harmony with your overall theme. Your followers appreciate consistency.

Insta3: BE NICE! Trust me... It pays off to be nice to your followers, designers, shop owners, and other bloggers. Support them and they will support you. Do follow other bloggers and give them positive feed back, because they will do the same for you. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing, creative, and talented women through Instablogger world. Most importantly (I learned this the hard way) If you "take" a post from someone's feed, be nice and tag them. I didn't know this at first. I was seeing cute things on other blogger's feeds, reposting them without giving credit, and I got called out ( I was new to the Instaworld, but This is STEALING)

Insta4: How to GET MORE FOLLOWERS? Obviously, I am not the one with all the answers, I only have 10K followers. There are lots of bloggers with over 1 million followers. Trust me.. I am dying to find out how they did it too, but here is how I got here. I spent a lot of time getting to know my camera. I knew if I wanted to take pictures at my own time with low cost, I would have to learn to do it myself. The better quality your pictures are, the more followers you will have. I use a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 and the 50mm 1.8 lens (most commonly used lens by bloggers). It's affordable and gives you a nice blurry background. I steady my camera on a tripod and take a few pictures to focus my lens before getting in front of it. I use a remote control once i'm in front of the camera and since I am snapping blindly I take over 10-15 pictures (used to take more than 30 at first lol) just to have a few good ones. Enough about the pictures.. back to the followers. I use a lot of #hashtags. I try to post it as a comment so it won't show up as people comment. Here are a few popular hashtags: #love #cute #pretty #ootd #wiw #instadaily #Igdaily #picoftheday #bestoftheday #streetstyle #streetfashion Also, try to tag different stores to your photo. For example, I tagged H&M to one of my outfit posts, which happened to get reposted. I got over 2,000 followers just from that one post. You can also tag a few instagram feeds that will repost your photos such as, @lookbook, @streetstyle, @stilkolik and many others. Loop Giveaways: I am not sold on these loop giveaways. I have joined about 4 of these. You have to pay up to $40 per loop. There are a few bloggers dedicated to these loops. They send out emails with sign up sheets every month. You will get exposure with these giveaways and gain anywhere from 700-1500 followers from each, BUT once the giveaways is over you will lose more than half of the followers. Most people will get mad that they weren't picked or they were just following you for the giveaway, so they unfollow you. overall, you will end up with 300 followers..maybe. Paying for followers? (I don't recommend this option) There are a lot of scams out there, so please be careful. there are apps for instagram that will help you gain followers but most of these followers are GHOSTs (fake accounts that don't like or comment on your pictures). (your followers get direct links sent to their emails to shop your feed), I am sooooo happy to say that I finally got in. I tried to apply for it 2 times before I got in. The first time.. I had just started so I really didn't have a lot of followers and the 2nd time I wasn't really posting that often. Try to post relevant OOTDs on your feed and give it a try. You may have better luck than me :))) 

This post happened to be  A LOT longer than anticipated. I tend to talk way to much.. here is another one for you... DON'T WRITE LONG blog posts :)

I want to thank all the lovely people that take the time out of their busy life to like/comment on my posts. I adore each and everyone of you!!