Comfy, Cozy, & Warm!!

by DudleyLuLuRose in

I am happy to report that Santa was extra generous to me this year ;) jk He, my hubby, is always spoiling me. After much debate with my Instagram fam, and a few hints a long the way..I finally got my Glossy Red HUNTER boots!!!! YAYYYYYY 

These boots are so pretty and RED..which is my absolute favorite color. I am happy to report that these boots are super light and flexible, which makes me love these boots even more!!  I had purchased a pair of "Hunter" look a likes, as I normally do with things I can't afford, or I think it's too pricy for what it is lol like UGGS, I buy the fake ones..Shhhh don't tell anyone. Anyways.. the fake ones were so heavy and clunky. I actually had fallen a few times with them in the rain..Ughh.

Now.. Lets talk about the Cape I am wearing. I am sure you have seen capes everywhere this year. I have been wearing mine all winter long. It's so comfy and sooo easy to throw on any outfit. I don't know if I should really tell you where I got it from... hummmm you will never guess...... Costco! for only $14.99 hahahah I was grocery shopping one day and this gorgeous cape just caught my eye as I was standing in the meat section lol!! I have been getting so many compliments on this cape. It is insane!!!!  See... you don't have to spend loads of money on designer clothes to look good, it all depends on how you were something ;) 

Outfit Details:

Boots: Hunter, for direct link to the glossy red ones click here; Cape, click HERE &  here & HERE for similar; Pleather leggings: cAbi, click here for direct link, Headband: H&M (available in the stores, but sold out online) Target brand click here for link. Gloves: Coach, click here for link (they are %50 off right now) ; Over the Knee Sucks: H&M.