Sequin Pants Series 1

by DudleyLuLuRose

I have been seeing sequin EVERYWHERE lately!! Sequin shirts, dresses, tops, so why not pants?!! All the fashionistas are wearing the sequin leggings and I am loving them. I have been on the hunt for a pair of leggings myself and I couldn't really find a trustworthy site to order them from since H&M has been sold out of their supply :(( SO..After searching and searching for a couple of days (I know..I have an obsessive personality) I came across these gorgeous sequin track pants from JCPenney!!! Who knew JCPenney has the cutest clothes now!!!! I absolutely adore their "I Heart Ronson" and "BISoU BISoU" collections !! If you haven't been to your JCPenney lately, I definitely recommend that you stop by and check it out. Best part, their prices are AWESOME! I got these pants for only $22 up to 60% off :))) 

I love these pants so much that I have created multiple looks, hence the title "Sequin Pants Series" hahaha...oh and I took way too many pics to fit into one blog lol I had to break it down!! 

This look is perfect for a girls night out, holiday party, date night, or any other occasion!! I maybe wearing these pants all winter long. Did I mention how warm and comfortable they are??

Only bad part..these pants are not available online, so you actually have to get out of your pjs and go to the store lol (If I can do can too)!

Leather Biker jacket: H&M Click here to get yours, Top: Bisou Bisou JcPenney  click here for yours; Heels: NineWest Click Here to get your pair :)