How To Get The NEW KateSpade Shoes With A Target Budget!!

by DudleyLuLuRose

If you are a big KateSpade fan, like me ;), then you probably have seen the new must have DeLISE flats


Leopard sneakers are the "IT" item right now and if you happen to love leopard print..well..even better. I have been wanting these KateSpade leopard sneakers (shown above) because 1. I LOVE anything KateSpade (mainly because everything has a giant bow attached to it lol) 2. I LOVE giant bows on everything!!! However, I did not want to spend $198 on sneakers, so I came up with my own version!!! ...WHAT??!!! YEP... Introducing the Target version of the Delise Flats.. I am gonna call them the GHAZY's :) Here is what you are gonna need: 

1. Mossiomo Dedra Flat from Target. Obviously they look just like the KateSpade flats, minus the bows, but they cost $24.99. 

Mossimo Supply Co. Dedra Flat - Animal Print

2. Hair bow clips! You can make your own bows if you happen to have ribbons at home, but I was too lazy to make them, so I just bought hair bows at Target for $4. I know the KateSpade ones have leather bows but the ribbon bows look just as cute :)


3. Hot glue gun! 

This is gonna get really complicated.. so pay close attention.. Glue the bows to your leopard sneakers. Let them dry. Here are a few pictures of my final product :)