Casual Chic!

by DudleyLuLuRose in ,

This look is perfect for a casual date or a stroll in the town for Saturday and Sunday brunch!!! I really love these slouchy sweater jackets... you can dress them up/down and they are super comfortable. I got this lovely black and white jacket from Libby's located in the CWE in Saint Louis, MO. If you can't make it to STL for a shopping trip, then you can find a similar jacket at Forever21H&M, T.J.Maxx, or Marshall's. 

Ladies..a nice pair of black leggings is a must have for every woman no matter what size or shape. It's definitely my go to item for fall and winter :) You can wear them with booties, tall boots, and heels. Every place in the mall sales them now, so you can find them anywhere :))

I am absolutely LOVING hats this season.. (can you tell lol) If you want to turn this look a bit more hip, then add a cute hat and BAMMM you have transformed your whole look!! I have been finding a lot of cute, reasonably priced hats at Target recently.