Perfect Fall Colors!!

by DudleyLuLuRose

Fall is my favorite season! I hate being hot..shocking I know!! I love the cold, because I get to layer up. Boots, coats, and sweaters.. I can't get enough!! If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you may have seen these lovely booties I recently purchased from Marshall's. They are JessicaSimpson-Collection and super comfortable. My shirt is from H&M. It's just a simple fitted white dress shirt that everyone should have in their closet ;) 

This fabulous skirt is from the CWE-fleamarket in STL. Sorry guys..but I am sure you can find something similar to it at Forever21, HM, and The limited for a decent price. 

Ponchos...what do you think of them?? either love them or hate them..I LOVE this orange one from Libby's. it's the perfect addition to any fall outfit. I tent to mix the colors orange, brown, yellow, and navy a lot for fall. 

Necklace is also from HM

Handbag is PRADA!! It was a present from my sister :))))

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