What Every Mom Needs In Her Grocery Cart!

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I'm a total newbie to motherhood so I'm going though a lot of firsts and challenges that I didn't even think about before in my day to day life. Who knew grocery shopping or any kind of shopping could be such a challenging task with a baby...ughh The first time I went to our local grocery store it felt like a marathon. Carrying a heavy carseat when you are still healing from delivery is not fun or recommended, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I was tired of eating junk food and take out. So to the store I went and soon I realized I didn't have much room in my cart for any food. It wasn't my 7lb baby taking up all the room, it was her bulky carseat. It was such a funny seen..I should've snapped a picture for you all. My poor baby was surrounded by food and I was worried things would drop on top of her so I only managed to get very few items. All that work of loading and unloading for nothing...ohhh did I mention the screaming??yes..surprise... Vivian hates being in her carseat. So of course 5 minutes in to it all..I had a crying baby on my hands :((

 I hated going shopping UNTIL I found the greatest invention EVER.. It's a Shopping Cart Hammock by BinxyBABY!! Is that genius or what?! Seriously if you are a mom then you need this in your life. It has made shopping such a joy, FOR THE BOTH OF US. The first time I put Vivian in it..I was stopped by at least a dozen people (mainly moms) asking about it. "where did you get it", "why didn't they have this when I had a little one?" "how cool is that? ohh and look she likes being in it"...

Binxy Baby is portable and easy to attach to any shopping cart!! ohh and You can use the hammock with your carseat too!! Learn more about it by clicking HERE! Vivian was fast asleep mid shopping :)) If you are going to a baby shower do your friend a favor and snag this instead of a baby outfit that probably won't get used at all!! "Make shopping a little more fun..or at least a little more bearable"  BinxyBaby

Baby K'tan

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So Much has changed since my last blog post!! I guess I have been a bit MIA, for good reasons ;) If you follow me on Instagram then you are up to date, if not... then go follow me lol

Vivian Rose made me a Mom on April 22nd! She arrived right on her due date..some say she takes after her Daddy who's always on time, but according to my hubby.."Vivi was three hours late, like her mother, because she was born at 3:06 am"!! 

A lot has changed in my life, as you would expect with a newborn! Motherhood is amazing and amazingly HARD! One of the changes I realized quickly was that I can't just pick up and go as I please. I am not on my  schedule anymore, I am on Vivian's schedule lol That's why I started baby-wearing! I can have Vivi close to me while I get things done around the house or anywhere else. I don't have to carry the carseat in to the grocery store anymore (let's be honest that's a challenge all in itself). I especially like the Baby K'tan carrier because it's super easy to use. Baby K'tan is different than a traditional wrap.Wraps are made of one long piece of fabric while the Baby K'tan has a patented double-loop design. This allows you to wear the K'tan without any wrapping, while still providing the positions and benefits of a wrap! I am wearing the Original Baby K'tan.The Baby K’tan ORIGINAL is made of a 100% natural cotton with unique one-way stretch. The soft fabric will give you and your little a warm and cozy hold. Wear baby in multiple positions, without any wrapping or buckling.

A few other reasons why I chose K'tan are:

- Ergonomic positioning for healthy infant development.
- Evenly distributes weight across back and shoulders.
- Double-loop design slips on like a t-shirt.

If you are a new mom, Dad, or you are looking for a baby shower gift for someone then do yourself a favor and check out these baby carriers. You can choose different designs such as active, organic, Print, or breeze. Click HERE to shop! 


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Recently, I had the pleasure of collaborating with an amazing, FAMILY OWNED company called Trunk Up! I adore their products and highly recommend to check them out!! 

Trunk Up History and Vision

Trunk Up was started in November 2014 to provide unique and trendy pieces to knock your frilly socks off.  

It's a family business based out of Richmond, VA (we love RVA!) where we all have a strong passion for clothes and good fabric. We strive to find the best items for our fashion forward customers that are not normally found anywhere else. Our goal is to find unique clothes, that are never plain. Each item has a unique twist to it - whether it's an explosive pattern, a unique texture, or a sweet design, it's different from anything you've ever seen.

Gray Trapeze Dress: Get the Direct link HERE! This is such a fun and flirty dress. It moves beautiful and it's super comfortable. My baby bump hikes up the dress a bit, so don't worry it will be a bit longer on you ;) You can even belt it if you want to show off your waist! 

Navy Plaid Dress. Get the direct link HERE! I can't tell you how comfy the material feels. I didn't want to take off!! The lace trip in the bottom is just darling. 


Photographer: A.J. Smith, an amazing local Pittsburgh photographer. check out his webpage here